Who's Using Surgient?

Since 2003, world-class companies have used Surgient to solve their most complex virtualization and lab management challenges. The Surgient Automation Platform™ enables enterprise IT organizations to deliver self-service computing resources to users while maintaining full administrative control, effectively supporting critical business initiatives while also reducing overall IT costs. Today, companies including Merck, Raymond James, IBM, HP, Halliburton, EMC, CA, Iron Mountain, Target, GE, SAP, Microsoft, Siemens, Intuit and others are accelerating their growth and profitability by automating virtual infrastructure in support of their business initiatives. In addition, Surgient is used in a broad number of industries including:

In addition, a wide spectrum of companies use the Surgient Virtual Automation Platform in specific computing environments including QA/Test, training, and online demonstrations, among others. For example:

QA/Test - Surgient’s QA/Test Solution is the industry’s most comprehensive solution for automating the rapid set-up and teardown of pre-production test and QA environments. The solution helps companies reduce the time and manual effort needed to manage and meet line-of-business requests, reduce operating costs, enhance administrative control, maximize IT infrastructure utilization and improve business user satisfaction.

Training - Surgient’s Training Solution reduces application training delivery costs, shortens cycles, and increases reach by delivering live, hands-on software training (instructor-led and self-paced) to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Online Demos - Surgient’s Demo Solution boosts the productivity of sales teams, shortens sales cycles, and increases revenues by delivering both standard and customized software demonstrations reliably and consistently. The Surgient Demo Solution also increases campaign reach and effectiveness by empowering customers and prospects to evaluate software 24x7 without costly CDs or time-consuming downloads.