Self-Service Demos for your Employees, Customers, and Partners

The Surgient Virtual Automation Platform™ enables enterprise organizations to deliver self-service computing resources to business users, including sales and marketing professionals, on a scheduled or on-demand basis. Surgient’s Demo Solution is an enterprise application for centralizing and simplifying the creation, management and delivery of prepared, online software demonstrations and software evaluations to employees, customers and partners, in a true self-service manner.

What it Does

Sales and marketing organizations and the employees, customers, and partners they serve are utilizing online demonstrations for the tremendous cost savings, flexibility, and reach that they provide. Leveraging proven virtualization technology from VMware and Microsoft, the Surgient Virtual Automation Platform, with the Demo Solution will help you:

Core Capability What it Does What Does it Mean to You
Centralized Demo Management Enables administrators to centrally manage complex software demos, and to administer resources and the policies by which they’re dynamically allocated Flexible and highly efficient approach managing demos (shared across employees, customers, and channel partners) saves you time and money
Automated Demo Deployment Allows employees, customers, and channel partners to safely reserve demo capacity without conflicts, and deploy demos on a scheduled or on-demand basis with no manual intervention Superior resource utilization means demonstrations are reliably and cost-effectively delivered regardless of software complexity, the number of users, or the delivery method
Demo Customization Allows employees, customers, and partners to easily save and restore demo sessions without tying up resources Sales demos can be easily customized, saved and shared across your sales organization
Measurement and Reporting Allows organizations to track and measure demo results Measure and track demo experience and effectiveness in the sales process
Enterprise Readiness Standards-based architecture enables Surgient’s Demo Solution to integrate with CRM solutions Best-of-breed approach leverages and preserves your investment in existing systems

How it Works

With Surgient, IT and lab administrators consolidate, pool, and centrally manage demonstration infrastructure and course information that are shared across multiple courses, according to policies and SLAs. Leveraging proven virtualization technology, Surgient facilitates the ability to provide complete online demonstrations with your existing personnel and hardware resources, resulting in unmatched utilization. Sales and marketing professionals worldwide can reliably request and securely access demos, which are automatically provisioned (24x7) – all from a self-service portal and without burdening IT or lab admins. Upon completion of the demonstration, Surgient automatically tears down the configuration, making the resources immediately available for other business needs.

Case Studies

National Instruments

How National Instruments reaches more customers at a lower cost-per-trial with online software evaluation. (PDF)