Integrated Virtual Lab Management for HP Quality Center

The Challenge

Leading organizations rely on HP Quality Center everyday to effectively manage application testing tradeoffs. But there’s a new and growing source of tradeoff pressure – the unmanaged test lab. Manual setup of test environments can often take days or weeks leading to longer test cycles, reduced coverage and increased delivery risk.

While HP Quality Center has helped organizations dramatically increase the effectiveness of test management and execution, little has been done to automate the test lab. That is, until now.

HP Quality Center with Integrated Enterprise Test Lab Management

The Surgient Platform enables HP Quality Center customers to accelerate test cycles by consolidating test infrastructure and automating the setup of test environments on-demand. Surgient complements HP Quality Center to eliminate two pervasive testing barriers: insufficient or unavailable test infrastructure and the excessive time required to deploy and configure today’s test environments.

How the Integration Works

Multiple methods are available to integrate Surgient’s QA/Test Solution and HP Quality Center based on your testing needs and existing processes:

In all cases, the flow of events is as follows:

  1. The QA/Test Solution is requested to reserve a test configuration where availability of (and access to) configurations is controlled by security policies
  2. At the scheduled time or on-demand, The Surgient Platform automatically provisions the requested configuration from a central library onto shared resources
  3. Surgient’s QA/Test Solution configures the test environment and makes it available for use (e.g. networking, isolation, remote access)
  4. Other software (e.g. build, patch) may be manually or automatically installed until the environment reflects the system under test
  5. After testing is complete, the QA/Test Solution may be requested to snapshot (save) the environment in its current state for additional testing or analysis
  6. Lab resources are immediately freed up and available for other requests

Parallel testing, where multiple configurations are deployed at the same time until the entire test matrix has been executed, is also supported.

Only HP Software offers an end-to-end solution for manual and automated testing combining enterprise test management and test lab management.

Benefits of HP Quality Center integrated with the Surgient Virtual Automation Platform

Technical Specifications

Supported Applications

HP Quality Center 9.2

Verification Environment

Minimum of (2) x86 servers; minimum 2GB RAM and 40GB free disk space each

Surgient Software:

Virtualization Software:

Guest Operating Systems:
Any Guest Operating System supported by Virtualization software

About HP Verified Integrations

HP Verified Integrations are product-release specific interfaces built by HP partners that are tested and verified by HP’s Verified Integration team.