Integrated Virtual Lab Management for IBM Rational BuildForge

The Challenge

Leading organizations rely on IBM Rational BuildForge every day to effectively manage the build and release process through iterative development, high-performance builds, and streamlined software delivery. However, there is a new and growing problem in the application lifecycle management space – unmanaged virtual labs. Manual setup of virtual test environments can regularly take days or weeks, leading to longer test and build cycles, reduced coverage, and increased delivery risk.

With the integration of Surgient virtual lab management technology, IBM Rational BuildForge users now have the ability to effectively manage their virtual lab infrastructure in tight coordination with their BuildForge implementation.

IBM Rational BuildForge & The Surgient Virtual Automation Platform™

The Surgient Platform enables IBM Rational BuildForge customers to accelerate build and release processes by consolidating virtual lab infrastructure and automating the setup and tear down of test environments on-demand.

Surgient complements IBM Rational BuildForge to eliminate two pervasive issues: insufficient or unavailable test infrastructure and the excessive time required to deploy and configure today’s virtual test environments. With the integration of BuildForge and Surgient, you can:

How the Integration Works

Access to Surgient managed virtual machines is provided via a Source adaptor within IBM Rational BuildForge. To take advantage of Surgient virtual lab management within BuildForge, simply follow these steps:

  1. Create an Adaptor Link and point it to any BuildForge project that needs to use the virtual infrastructure.
  2. Create steps in your BuildForge projects in the standard manner and use the selectors to target virtual machines rather than physical ones.
  3. When the project runs, Surgient automatically scans the selectors and deploys the required virtual machines.
  4. Once the project is complete, Surgient automatically tears down the virtual machines and releases the resources.

Note: If all of the project steps will use the same virtual machine, you can add an explicit step to the beginning of the project that sets the Default Selector for the entire project to the desired virtual machine.

It’s that simple! The IBM Rational BuildForge integration with Surgient provides all of the advantages of an automated virtual infrastructure with minimal impact to the end-user experience.

About IBM Rational BuildForge

IBM Rational BuildForge automates and accelerates build and release processes to enable iterative development, high-performance builds and streamlined software delivery. Through an adaptive framework, it helps development teams standardize and automate repetitive tasks, optimize hardware resources and connect disparate development tools to increase staff productivity, compress development cycles and deliver high quality software, quickly.