Balance Administrative Control with User Productivity

The IT Service Dilemma

In addition to supporting mission-critical production datacenter operations, IT Ops professionals own the daunting task of acquiring, maintaining, and sourcing infrastructure to support a broad range of internal constituents executing non-production business activities across the organization. Examples of supported business functions include: development, test, quality assurance, training, marketing, sales, and support. IT Ops must be able to effectively manage and source resources for these constituents in a high-rate-of-change environment driven by the business needs.

In the past several years, we’ve experienced a major technology disruption with the introduction of virtualization, and it is penetrating global enterprises at a remarkable rate. This disruption is directed at the heart of the computing infrastructure for which IT is responsible. Virtualization has created a more flexible, abstracted computing infrastructure that enables a wide range of datacenter automation scenarios previously unavailable. The technology has become mature enough to gain momentum and adoption in the enterprise market in a significant fashion.

However, this adoption is now leading enterprises to look for solutions that automate processes and management of virtualized environments in an effort to maximize the virtualization investment.

As the gatekeeper between the physical and virtual infrastructure and users across the organization, IT Ops is stuck in the middle of a highly interrupt-driven environment, and faces a host of issues impacting both productivity and ultimately the agility of the business.

The Solution

To address these challenges, optimize IT Ops personnel, and drive productivity for enterprise users, a common solution is needed to assist in the management and administration of virtual resources – The Surgient Virtual Automation Platform. The Surgient Platform will enable you to optimize and manage your virtual and physical infrastructure, automate rote, repeatable processes, and empower your users with self-service access.

Integrating Test Management with Industry Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Tools

We are closely partnered with leading datacenter automation, infrastructure management, and application lifecycle management tools. In particular, we offer integrated physical server provisioning support by Symantec Altiris and a new automated solution for reproducing production environments with virtualization with HP Server Automation.

HP Opsware

Leverage HP Opsware™ and Surgient to automatically reproduce production systems for development and test.

Learn more about best practices for reproducing virtualized production environments.

Symantec Altiris

Maximize IT efficiency and reduce system complexity with joint provisioning support for virtual and x86/Intel architecture physical servers.

Learn how you can easily manage both virtual and physical x86 servers with Surgient and Symantec.