Surgient VQMS Integrated Into HP Quality Center

Surgient Virtual QA/Test Lab Management System is Sold as Component of HP Quality Center; Surgient Executive to Present at HP Software Universe

Las Vegas – HP Software Universe – June 20, 2007 – Surgient, the leader in Virtual Lab Management applications for software testing, training and evaluation, today announced that the Surgient Virtual QA/Test Lab Management System (VQMS) is being resold by HP as a component of the HP Quality Center.

For more than a year, Surgient has been working with HP to deliver innovative quality management solutions to customers across the globe. The combined HP Quality Center and Surgient VQMS solution enables leading organizations to accelerate test cycles and reduce software delivery risk despite the rising complexity and rate-of-change of today’s enterprise applications.

"Our new ERP system forced a rebuild of 15,000 workstations and 2,000 client applications – a massive testing effort that threatened critical 2007 rollout milestones," said Chris Marr, lead systems engineer at Sisters of Mercy Health System. "Using HP Quality Center and Surgient VQMS to automate both the tests and test environment provisioning, we reduced the time to test a single application from 5 days to 4 hours and increased testing bandwidth 10 times without any additional test resources."

Surgient VQMS consolidates pre-production infrastructure and automates the provisioning of test configurations on-demand. HP Quality Center integration enables testers and testing tools to reliably request and securely access test configurations 24x7.

"HP Quality Center and Surgient VQMS offer enterprise organizations a powerful way to accelerate software development cycles and improve operational efficiency," said Erik Josowitz, vice president of product strategy at Surgient. "We’re proud HP chose VQMS to address the growing demand for test lab management, and we’re committed to building a long-term relationship that delivers ongoing value to our customers."

"Test lab automation is fast becoming an essential element of an enterprise quality management strategy because of the breakthrough gains in time and cost savings it delivers," said Jonathan Rende, vice president, Products, Software, HP. "We chose to resell Surgient VQMS based on the breadth of the solution and because it uniquely satisfies enterprise test lab requirements."

Surgient Presenting at HP Software Universe

As part of the Test Management track at HP Software Universe, taking place June 18 – 22 in Las Vegas, Surgient will co-present a breakout session with HP on how to accelerate quality management using virtual test labs.

About Surgient VQMS

Surgient® Virtual QA/Test Lab Management System (VQMS) accelerates test cycles and application delivery by consolidating pre-production infrastructure and automating the setup and teardown of complex test environments on-demand. VQMS eliminates two pervasive testing barriers: inadequate test infrastructure and the excessive time required to manually provision test configurations. With VQMS, development and test personnel worldwide reliably request and securely access test configurations 24x7 to execute manual and automated testing processes. VQMS integrates with leading test management tools, including HP Quality Center, and received InfoWorld’s 2007 Technology of the Year Award for Best Virtual Lab Automation Solution.

About Surgient

Surgient puts virtualization technology to work for the world's largest companies. The first company to provide on-demand applications that automate the deployment, configuration and teardown of complex enterprise software environments or "virtual labs," Surgient's award-winning virtual lab management solutions enable end users to rapidly provision computing resources for business-critical initiatives such as software QA/test, training, sales and marketing. With over 500,000 virtual labs delivered to date, Surgient enables companies such as Business Objects, BMC, CA, EMC, Dell, HP, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft and Target Corporation to dramatically accelerate the software delivery lifecycle, reduce operating costs, increase productivity and enable IT to better align with business priorities. Surgient partners with leading technology companies including VMware, Microsoft, HP, PlateSpin, Saba/Centra, ViewCentral and WebEx Communications. Surgient is a private, venture-backed company based in Austin, Texas. For more information, visit

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