What is the Surgient Platform?

The Surgient Virtual Automation Platform™ is a sophisticated software automation and management platform that enables enterprise IT organizations to deliver self-service computing resources to users while maintaining full administrative control, effectively supporting critical business initiatives while also reducing overall IT costs.

Learn more about how the Surgient Virtual Automation Platform and its unique policy-driven self-service™ model is striking the perfect balance between the needs of IT operations and enterprise end users.

IT Operations

Reduce IT operating and capital costs, eliminate your stream of manual provisioning requests, and increase user productivity with the enterprise-ready Surgient Platform.

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Ps Overview Qa

Dev/Test and QA

Accelerate software testing and increase quality with integrated virtual resource management.

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Ps Overview Training

Training & Education

Deliver hands-on learning with instructor-led and self-paced courses, regardless of software complexity, class size, or delivery method.

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Sales & Marketing

Accelerate sales cycles with simple, centralized creation, management, and delivery of online software demonstrations and evaluations.

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Technology Overview

The Surgient Virtual Automation Platform is an advanced enterprise software package designed to elevate IT Operations professionals above the daily, manual administration of computing resources, while still maintaining full control of the process. By automating and delegating the rote, repeatable tasks associated with request management, provisioning, and teardown, IT Ops is freed up to focus on higher level, more strategic projects, while also streamlining the experience for their constituents across the enterprise.

Using Surgient’s unique policy-driven self-service model, IT Ops can drastically reduce the time and energy spent administering resources, while additionally decreasing costs and increasing user satisfaction.
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Balance IT administrative control & user self-service

Ensure user productivity while retaining full administrative control of resource management processes.

Scale from a single lab to the global enterprise

Seamlessly support a single lab up to 100s of servers running 1000s of VMs.

Support heterogeneous infrastructure elements

Utilize a naturally heterogeneous infrastructure with support for VMware and Microsoft virtualization, as well as physical server provisioning with partners HP and Symantec.

Optimize resource planning with guaranteed reservations

Add the element of time to your resource management and ensure maximum utilization of your existing resources.

Integrate with leading datacenter automation , infrastructure management, and ALM tools

Leverage an open platform that integrates seamlessly with leading datacenter automation, infrastructure management, and application lifecycle management tools.

Implement in-house (licensed) or as a hosted solution

Choose the implementation that’s right for you – get started immediately with a hosted solution, or implement in-house on your systems with a licensed solution.